Welcome to Sixth Avenue Dentistry

At Sixth Avenue Dentistry, new and existing patients of all ages are welcome. Our International District dental practice has more than 30 years of experience in taking care of the dental needs of families in Western Washington. We provide gentle, complete dental care and take the time to listen and to understand the needs of each individual. With today’s improved technology and materials, going to the dentist should be a positive experience. It is our goal that patients leave our office with a smile knowing that they have just received the best dental care possible.

Our Mission
Our goal at the beginning is to address any concerns regarding discomfort or pain. Treatment is directed to alleviate sensitivity so that you can function comfortably. Next, with a comprehensive examination and diagnosis, we can combine this information with a one-on-one interview to formulate a treatment plan. Disease control issues such as cavities, gum problems and abscesses are taken care of promptly. Restoring proper function may involve replacing missing teeth and balancing the bite or occlusion. Aesthetic needs are a high priority for many and a variety of materials and techniques are available to accomplish this task. After all work is completed, we can focus on preventative maintenance.