Tooth Decay: Are Pickles to Blame?

It’s not just sugary foods like candy and soda that threaten to rot your teeth and cause cavities. There are many foods with this potential, some of which may not be what you’d expect. According to a British study, one of these may be pickled foods.

This study, which was conducted back in 2004, took a look at the eating habits of a cross section of English teenagers. Many of these youths were in the habit of eating many pickles as a regular part of their diets, and exhibited a certain amount of tooth decay as a result. It would seem that this excessive decay can be attributed to the highly acidic vinegar found in the pickles, which can have the same effect on your enamel that the acid produced by your oral bacteria can have.

If you like pickles, the good news is that this is only a problem if you eat a notable amount of pickles more than once a day. Anyone who can remain reasonably mindful of their eating habits should be able to avoid excess decay from eating pickles. Further, be sure to get your regular cleanings at our SODO district dentist.